6 TBN & 9 TBN

Marine System oil is premium quality lubricant for cross head diesel engine crank case system. It is especially effective in highly rated cross head engines with oil cooled pistons, power take- off (PTO) gear applications.


Main Benefits

  • Good Alkinity

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion.

  • Excellent detergency keeps crankcase and under piston spaces clean.

  • Good oxidation stability.


12 TBN & 15 TBN

Marine Engine oil 12 & 15 TBN are a blend of superior quality high viscosity index paraffinic base stock with balanced additive package. They have TBN value of 12 & 15 and are recommended for crank case and cylinder lubrication of trunk piston type naturally aspirated or turbo charged medium speed marine and stationery diesel engines. Burning heavy fuel up to 1.0% with sulfur content under severe operating conditions.


Main Benefits

  • Excellent anti-wear properties. Reduces ring & linear wear.

  • Excellent detergent dispersant properties to reduce deposits formation and keeps the engine clean.

  • Prevents scuffing and scoring of engine parts.

  • Excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Severe Duty Marine Engine Oil

320, 420, 520 (20 TBN)

Severe Duty Marin Engine Oil is specially formulated for naturally aspirated or turbo charged heavy duty diesel engines. It can be used in marine engines having separate cylinder lubrication system burning high sulfur fuel.


Main benefits

  • Good detergent dispersant properties.

  • Excellent anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties.

  • Ensures longer engine life.

  • Excellent engine cleanliness.

  • Low cylinder and piston ring wear.

Severe Duty Marine Engine Oil

24, 30, 40, 50 TBN

Severe  Duty  Marine  Engine  Oils  are  superior  quality detergent lubricants blended specifically for use in the truck piston engines in a variety of services. They are available in various TBN Numbers to match the different types of fuels and sulfur content. They are available in Total Base Numbers of 24, 30, 40 and 50 in SAE 30, 40 & 50 viscosity grades.


Main Benefits

  • Excellent Engine cleanliness.

  • Very high oxidation resistance.

  • Very good Base Number retention.

Severe Duty Cylinder Oil

570 & 590 (70 & 90 TBN)

SCOPE Centex Severe Duty Cylinder oil is a premium grade cylinder lubricant for use in all types of low speed cross head diesel engines burning residual fuels with sulfur contents of up to 3.5% weight. It is ideally suited for the new generation of highly rated, fuel efficient slow speed marine diesel engines operating with high pressure, temperatures and longer strokes.


Main Benefits

  • Minimum deposit formation on cylinder parts.

  • Excellent engine cleanliness.

  • Low cylinder and piston ring wear.

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